“You request we come to you”

 All saddles that are taking into our consignment shop have been thoroughly inspected by our saddle repair expert, to ensure that they meet our highest standards.


     All consignment saddles that are you requested for trial. They are brought to you at your riding facility for a 1.5-hour ride (per saddle) for an initial trial period in order to be checked for proper fitting and suitability before you make a final decision.  


Upon delivery of the saddle (s), You will be charged a transport fee of $45

(if a saddle is purchased the fee will be taken out of the final price) if no saddle is purchased fee is 


Is a saddle is chosen on site, a 5-day trial period can be requested, 

Or prior to arrival 5-day trial period can be requested please call 562-8336387 or email

At the start of the 5-day trial period the total cost of saddle will be paid in full. If saddle does not suit you or your horses needs, the purchase price of the saddle will be refunded. 


 *If you are in the market for a particular saddle, please let us know and we will be glad to add you to our waiting list.


*If you wish to put your saddle and tack up for consignment contact us!