Outdoor Gear Repair

Patching and sewing

A large amount of our repairs and pathing up rips and tears that occur with hiking in the great outdoor don't let a small rip become a bigger rip. 

- Seam Seals

-Knee patches

- Snaps






Have a rip or tear, 

seams begins to leak, We can repair it !


 We can repair....

- zippers

-fly screens






*anything you needed to keep you tent secure during any weather conditions

sleeping Bags

We can repair rips, tears, zipper blow outs and replace bungee when it breaks on all major sleeping bags


We replace or upgrade broken zippers on outdoor jackets, pants, down jackets, tents, bags and back packs. We can also repair them on camper trailers, marine covers and truck/ jeep tops

- Molded Plastic visoln

-Nylon coil