Outdoor GEARWORKS’ mission is to recycle and revive great gear and get it back out where it belongs, back in the great outdoors. And help with clearing out the land fills!

Shop Minimum Rate $ 30

Repairs offered ...

   - Zipper Slider   

   - Zipper Repair and Replacement    

   - Buckles, Snaps, and Grommet Repairs   

   - Seams/ rips and tears repaired  

   - Reinforcements / sacrificial patches   

   - Velcro replacements    

   - Webbing/ canvas/ leather        

      (cost depending on material needed)

   - Patches of all designs.  (Sm- $8 / Med- $12 /       Lg- $15 / other- $20 and up)

For all your leather and saddle repairs. Ranging from saddle stitching to recovering old seats making them look new. All leather work is at an hourly rate of $45 / hr.



Also, provide cleaning and oiling of all leather goods.





Custom Design..


You have an idea, together we can bring it to life! Call or email and we can talk about custom items.


Feel free to run your ideas by me. If I can't do it I can point you in the right direction. All custom orders are at shop hourly rate of $65/ hr.

Payment types accepted: CASH, CHECK

Check out the gallery for projects completed and custom designs!